Workaholics: Review of ‘Snackers’ (S4, Ep. 3)

Workaholics continues to hit the jackpot in season four.

In last night’s episode, the gang decides to throw a party for their drug-slinging companion, Karl. But like any successful party, Karl demands there be a smorgasbord of snacks – and “a massive tub of popcorn with three different kinds – caramel, cheddar, and whatever else comes in it.”


As the episode unfolds, we learn that Adam, Blake, and Ders have been stealing all of the office snacks for their own personal use. But when snack-filled debates start sprouting throughout the office, there’s only one thing left to do: hold an office election.

In a brilliant political maneuver, the guys campaign for Jillian to become break room manager so that they can get access to Alice’s Costco card, but Jillian quickly turns into a snack tyrant.

“I’ll be your advisor. I’ll vise the shit out of your ads.” – Adam

A sick joke turns into a sicker one, as Jillian turns the once-friendly break-room into a soup kitchen on lock down. The cabinets are locked, the handles are chained, and shelves full of delicious Costco items remain oppressed under Jillian’s constant surveillance.

So what do they do? They go Ocean’s Eleven on everybody’s ass. After pulling the fire alarm to clear the office of its peasantry, Jillian starts getting suspicious – only to find Adam, Blake, and Ders using every spare second to find a way into the locked pantry. And in doing so, they trick Jillian into leaving the break-room unlocked and unattended, just long enough for them to smuggle the precious embargo back to their bachelor pad.

There were some speed bumps along the way, but the patience paid off.

And now that we’re three episodes into this season, let’s see what every character has been up to:

Adam: It’s safe to say Adam DeMamp has been carrying the show. And this season, that’s saying a lot. But after three episodes, it seems the short, spunky DeMamp is a bit lost.

His love for Alice has become quite apparent, and even more signs of his boss-boner came out in last night’s episode. Will the old bull (Alice) ever start craving the young calf (Adam)? We can only hope.

“Hey Jillian, you know I’m like the biggest guy in this office” – Adam

Blake: Gets weirder every episode. Is he straight? Is he a virgin? Has he ever technically had sexual intercourse with anybody? You never know what to expect from the show’s main wild card.

Ders: Anders has been doing his music thing in season four. In the first episode it was the emergence of his electronic-alias, DJ Ango. Then in the second episode, it was him getting down and dirty, making some sweet music of his own with Alice. And in episode three, we got a little taste of Ders’ rap game in the shower. The gang’s leader and chauffeur has been sort of tearing it up in season four.

And if nice guys finish last, then Ders is the exception.  

Alice: TelAmeriCorp’s relentlessly bitchy boss has become an even bigger bitch this season, and it’s been awesome. For further evidence, check below for the best quote of last night’s episode.

Montez: Montez is really struggling this season. First he couldn’t go to a rave because his wife was having a baby, now he can’t eat Corn Nuts or Bugles because his wife is on a health craze. Slowly and slowly, it’s become obvious that Montez wishes the guys would invite him over more. Have a beer with him. Smoke a bowl with him. Do anything with him.

Waymond Womano: The most unassuming person in the office, Waymond Womano knows how to rock the shit out of a sweater vest. But he continues to get shit on immensely by his fellow coworkers.

Montez made him cry in the first episode. Adam knocked him to the ground and Jillian verbally harassed him in last night’s episode. So before Waymond has a nuclear mental breakdown, I think the employees at TelAmeriCorp need to show him some more love.

Maybe a Waymond Appreciation Day?

Jillian: We were hoping to see more of Jillian after the first two episodes, and that’s exactly what we got. The office brown-noser always seems to mismanage her priorities. Between rolling with the crew and pleasing Alice’s every need, Jillian is always stuck between a rock and a hard place.

And last night proved that at the end of the day, she should never be given any serious leadership roles or responsibility. Because like every sexual joke she tries to make, Jillian will just take it way too far.

Bill: Another stupendous side-character of the show, Bill has had some great moments so far this season. He stole the gang’s festival tickets in the first episode, and last night we learned that the same man who also gives himself blow-jobs is also violently protective over his Fruity Pebbles.

Karl: Quite frankly, still my favorite character of the show. Maybe it’s because Karl is actually a brilliant writer behind the scenes (he’s one of the show’s co-creators), but there is never a time that I don’t laugh when Karl is on the screen.

New Random Guy, Gill: I don’t know where this guy came from, but his one-liner last night was awesome. Montez, Waymond, Bill, and now this guy?

I wish I worked at TelAmeriCorp.

“And these juice cleanses! Got my skin glowing like Paula Abdul.” – Montez
(Fist-bumping Montez) “I’ll fuck to that” – New Random Guy

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 1.24.37 PM

When you add up all of the classic moments from last night’s episode, it’s safe to say that this was the best episode yet of season four. 

Rating: 9 out of 10

Quote of the night: “You (Jillian) need to see a shrink, because you suck dick at life.” – Alice

Find of the night: The next t-shirt I am going to buy.


Tweet of the night: workaholics

Random question of the night: How much do you think Costco paid for some INSANE product placement?


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