Trunk Club: Where Good Taste Is Always On Tap

Don’t have the time or desire to shop? Welcome to the club.

Finding the time to wash my clothes is tough enough. But shopping for them? By myself?


Growing up with three sisters, the foreign concept of ‘matching’ was introduced to me at a young age (granted, I also thought black jeans with bright-red cowboy boots was a good look until about 2nd grade). But “shopping sprees” for most post-grad males tend to occur more often at the closest 7-11 than they do at Nordstrom.

Good taste isn’t hard to come by, but great taste can be tough to find. And whether it’s the vibe, the people, or simply the venue, there’s no lack of flavor at Chicago’s one-of-a-kind Trunk Club.

Offering premium, hand-selected clothing, the company was started to solve one simple problem: most guys hate shopping. For young professionals who know time is money, Trunk Club is a no-brainer. Whatever occasion you wish to look suave for, Trunk Club has your back.

Since launching in 2009, Trunk Club has grown immensely. Adding over 300 employees in just a few short years, the one-stop shop for fresh dress has rapidly put itself on the men’s fashion industry map. This isn’t just a place to shop for clothes; it’s a place to brand your character.

From classic to contemporary, Trunk Club knows men’s clothing. Combining over fifty high-end brands with an expert staff of stylists, Trunk Club’s personalized services are defined by two friendly words: custom and convenient.

“I can think of absolutely no reason to visit a high-end department store if you’re a guy who needs clothes. I just wonder how long it’ll be before one of these upscale retailers catches on and buys the whole company.”     

-Kelly Reid,  Forbes

Whether you need new clothes for an upcoming business trip, a suit for your ex-babysitter’s wedding, or just generally need to up your game during the work week, Trunk Club’s got you covered.

Alright then, how does it work?

Well first, one of Trunk Club’s expert stylists will get to know you.  What you like, what you do for a career, how your career affects your day-to-day wardrobe demands, and so on.

Jason and myself were fortunate enough to kick it with two of Trunk Club’s master stylists, Judson (left) and Taylor (right). We had a few laughs, a few drinks, and got to know a bit more about the company and its style gurus. For instance, Judson has a great eye for mixing it up in perfect balance, and as a hip-hop connoisseur, it’s no surprise that his style blends street-wear with high fashion.

Need to look real fancy? No problem, Trunk Club offers custom suiting. After all, there are few things in life that bring the satisfaction of a new suit.

Make it a new custom suit, and you’ll feel like Mr. Bond wooing Moneypenny.

Money can’t buy happiness. But at Trunk Club, a little money can buy a lot of style. For the casual businessman, denim prices start at $170, casual shirts at $100, and sweaters at $100 – not a bad price to pay for looking so damn fresh.

After all, if you’re going to buy nice clothes, why not dress like a boss?

Because you don’t just pay for clothes when you shop with Trunk Club, you pay for a fully customized wardrobe. Their fashion aficionados even offer ways to mix and match, helping you find different ways to rock the same clothes.


Your experience at Trunk Club doesn’t have to end (or begin) in the store, as most of the Trunk Club business is done out of an actual trunk.  Sent to you as often as you like, a custom stylist-compiled selection of clothes for you to pick through can be sent right to your door.

And if (when) you love what your stylist has been sending – you can request more trunks on your own schedule. By signing up for the ‘Trunk Program’, your stylist can begin sending you new outfits on a recurring basis. The Trunk Program is customized to each individual’s wants and needs, on whatever type of timetable your life demands. 

It’s free, and the process is as simple as 1-2-3 (literally).

1. Go to, and sign up.

2. Your stylist selects clothes.

3. You receive clothing.

If you can’t make it in for a fitting, they’ll still send you a box of items to check out and try on. You can get in touch with your stylists whenever, from wherever, and however (call, email, text, DM, you name it).

Doesn’t fit? Don’t like it? No problem. Keep the stuff you like, and send back the stuff you don’t. At no cost.

Now that’s what I call shopping.

Trunk Club exists for one reason – to make you look damn good. Customer satisfaction is the key to any business, and the unique, dedicated stylists who run the show are the key to Trunk Club’s success.

Because they don’t just preach style, they preach lifestyle.

As full-time stylists, part-time bloggers, and newfound event planners – versatile stylists like Judson and Taylor know that ‘what’ you wear is not nearly as important as ‘who’ is wearing it.


If your excuse is “I don’t have time to shop,” then the trunk is for you.  If your excuse is “I don’t know how to shop,” then the in-store experience is for you.  If both are common excuses, then one in-person visit is all it takes to get to know a style-savant like Judson, who can take care of all that hassle for you.

So for once, invest a little money into yourself.

After all, it pays to be confident.

Want to give Trunk Club the old college try? Schedule an appointment with Judson or Taylor today. 

Keegan Goudie

Goudie is the managing editor of Major Onions. A graduate of the Missouri school of Journalism, Goudie also co-founded, an electronic dance music blog. If you can’t find him at work or happy hour, you might find him hiding from his cell phone in a Chicagoland Dunkin Donuts. Follow him on Twitter: @keeganGOudie.

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