VIDEO: Dude Backflips Off Bridge After Lollapalooza 2014

So here’s the good news.

I was walking through River North after a successful day two of Lollapalooza, and ran into these dudes. We started chatting, and within five seconds I noticed that one of them was soaking wet from head to toe. His friends insisted that it’s because he just did a backflip off of the Columbus Street bridge walking back from the festival, and I immediately called bullshit.

Then they sent me the video, which was awesome.

And here’s the bad news. After waiting to post it until lunchtime today, we discovered that Big Cat already had it sent to him on a silver platter. But, we included the full length video below in case you want to hear all of the dialogue before the backflip.

h/t to Barstool Sports for ruining our morning.

Sidenote, we don’t encourage or condone any imitation of this stunt…but maybe that goes unsaid.

And the jump from a better angle:

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