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  • NHL Expansion, Or Gag Order?
    Michael Romano
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NHL Expansion, Or Gag Order?

While the league refuses to comment on the rumors, other sources indicate that an "NHL Expansion" will indeed happen. The scuttlebutt is that four cities are being seriously considered, but why? Owners complain that ...

Fantasy Football Recap: Week 2

Week 2 across the fantasy football landscape was brutal for many, including yours truly. Robert Griffin III went down with a dislocated ankle and he'll miss a couple months most ...
Kyle Fuller

Kyle Fuller And Bears Defense Right Where They Need To Be

Just how you drew it up for the Chicago Bears right? After two games, they'd be 1-1 with a home blowout of the Bills and a predictable loss to the ...

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Zac Brown Band Rocks Wrigley Field

If seeing a band live is the only way to test how talented they truly are, Zac Brown Band knocked it out of the park (pun totally intended). But besides proving ...

Top 10 EDM Songs Of Summer 2014

While you were busy being entertained by "Drunk On A Plane" and "Anaconda" - we were busy cleaning our Ferraris with $20 bills and ivory soap that we had overnighted from South Africa. ...
Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino Set to Drop New Mixtape

If you thought comedian Donald Glover's music career was just an experiment, that idea quickly crumbled with Childish Gambino emerging from the rubble. (more…)

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Why ‘Top Party School’ Lists Are Completely Useless

You guys remember that improv show “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” where “everything’s made up and the points don’t really matter?” Party school lists are just like that except instead ...

5 Most Badass Female Characters in Video Games

With adult women officially the largest demographic in gaming, no one can say that it's a boy's club anymore. But even with that information plus the fact that video games now rival ...
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This Elite Daily Article Is The Most Sexist Thing I’ve Ever Read.

Miss Martin, you set feminism back ten years for writing this article. I could go on all day about how you consistently post unabashed drivel and unfounded opinions on how you ...

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